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Our Future World

Client: Dell
Role: Story Production
Summary: What does our future world look like? We spoke with engineers and entrepreneurs at Dell World 2015 to find out how telemedicine, virtual reality, and big data will be integrated into our lives in years to come.

Retirement Veterans

Client: Fidelity
Role: Story Production / Coordination
Summary: It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. Fidelity spoke with recent retirees about what they wish they did differently in their retirement planning.

Breakthrough Promo

Client: General Electric
Role: Interviews, Production
Summary: Every great scientific discovery had its breakthrough moment. We spoke to scientists at General Electric about their moments of discovery to promote National Geographics’ “Breakthrough” docu-series.

Lauren Anderson Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Client: Avon
Role: Production Coordinator
Summary: Want the perfect smokey eye for your holiday party? Lauren Anderson, Avon’s Global Celebrity Makeup Artist, teaches you how in this tutorial.

Hand Painted Billboards

Client: MPAA
Role: Story Producer
Summary: There are billboards, and then there are Colossal billboards. Trained through an apprenticeship program, Colossal artists hand-paint billboards all over the world, 365 days a year.

Susan Sarandon for InnovAge Cares

Client: InnovAge
Role: Production Coordinator
Summary: Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon tells the story of helping her aging mother maintain her independence.


Client: InnovAge
Role: Story Production
Summary: After playing the piano for 89 years, challenges with using her hands were not going to stop Livvy from performing. With care and support from InnovAge, Livvy continues to play every day.

Empowerment (New Business Pitch Video)

Client: Avon
Role: Director / Story Producer
Summary: What does it mean to empower someone? In this very personal pitch video for Avon, I brought a crew home to meet my mom and tell the story of how her experience with Breast Cancer shaped our relationship.

What’s In a Barrel of Oil?

Client: Chevron
Role: Production Coordinator
Summary: Have you ever wondered what every day items can be made from a barrel of oil? The answer: enough candles for your first 27 birthdays, enough plastic cups for an epic house party, and enough lipstick to match your every mood. Want to know what else? Check it out!

Power Up!

Client: Chevron
Role: Concept and Production
Summary: It takes a lot of energy to wake up, get ready, and start your day. In this video for Chevron, we show how energy powers your morning.

Don Wetzel – Jet Train

Client: General Electric
Role: Production Coordinator
Summary: In the summer of 1966, New York Central Railroad engineer Don Wetzel strapped a jet engine to a GE locomotive to test the first and only Jet Train. Almost 40 years later, we met up with Don at his home in Ohio to tell his story.

Johnson + Johnson Father’s Day Campaign

Client: ABC News
Role: Producer / Casting Associate
Summary: What makes a great dad? In this branded Father’s Day campaign for ABC News, we created a series of web spots and commercials to tell the stories of four real dads and what makes them so awesome.

Inside the World of Cosplay

Client: NCTA
Role: Production Coordinator
Summary: What goes in to turning your average EMT into a Super Hero? We followed two Cosplayers around NY Comic Con this year to get an inside look.
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